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Drought Tolerant Vines

60% of our vines are planted to drought resistant root stock, delivering water savings of 20%

Employee Learning

Our World-Class Employee Learning Program

Hectare for Hectare

For every 1 hectare of vineyard that we own, we preserve or plant 1 hectare of native vegetation


Controlling insects with insects!

Our Certifications

Maintaining the highest level of Australian and International certification is of upmost importance

Our Partnership with Entav-Inra

Our exclusive partnership with Entav-Inra

Recognising Excellence

Recognising Excellence in our People

Reducing Bottle Weight

We are transitioning to lighter weight glass bottles, saving 9% in bottle weight and 19% in shipping volume

Solar Power

We generate 2,800MWh of renewable energy every year, equivalent to 540 South Australian homes

Table Grapes

Did you know that today 40% of the vines sold out of our Nursery are table grapes?

The Story of Viognier

Viognier – from the brink of extinction

Waste Not, Want Not

100% of our vintage output is recycled, re-used or re-purposed

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