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Our organic Riesling block at Pewsey Vale in the Eden Valley has something very special – an insectarium.

Apple moths have become somewhat of a problem for the vines, with damage causing further issues. To negate the need for insecticides, the viticulture team turned to the natural (and beneficial!) predator of the moth: wasps, earwigs and spiders. By planting a strategic selection of native flowering shrubs, and with a bit of trial and error, the natural predators have returned and are keeping the moths in check.

The plant selection includes Christmas bush, sticky hop bush and banksias that flower at the same time as the vines to bring the native insects, birds and bees into the vineyard. Multiple plantings throughout the vineyard encourage the insects to move across the vines and control the moths.

In line with our work in preserving native vegetation, this initiative returns the balance to what would otherwise be a monoculture. You learn something new every day!

Controlling insects with insects!


Controlling insects with insects!

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