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Viognier is believed to have originated in Dalmatia (Bosnia) and was imported into France in around 280AD. However, its unpredictable nature saw plantings decline, and by 1968 there were only 14 hectares (35 acres) growing in the northern Rhone.

Viognier first caught Yalumba’s eye in the early 1970’s. Thoroughly captivated, Yalumba set the wheels in motion and in 1980 planted 1.2 hectares (3 acres) on a neighbouring vineyard. This land, situated on the elevated slopes of Eden Valley in South Australia, represented the first significant plantings of Viognier in Australia, and now the oldest. Viognier’s subsequent success in the cool climate Eden Valley has seen Yalumba’s work with the variety grow from this initial block to 16 different parcels across the region.

Our Nursery has been a vital component of Yalumba’s success with Viognier. From cultivating early Montpellier 1968 clones, to instigating a clonal development program in consultation with the great Viognier makers from around the globe, the Nursery’s involvement has shaped the current collection of Yalumba’s Viognier wines.

Viognier – from the brink of extinction

The Story of Viognier

Viognier – from the brink of extinction

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