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Resilient Terroir

Our sustainable winemaking program takes a holistic approach to viticulture to produce high quality grapes. It creates a cultivated but balanced vineyard ecosystem that makes efficient use of the natural features of the land, stems environment decline, and regenerates resources.


We aim to not only pass on our natural assets to future generations in better condition that when they were inherited but to also leave a legacy of great wine.

Quite simply, if we’re to focus on excellence in winemaking, it absolutely requires excellence in environmental management – the two are inseparable

Robert Hill Smith

We commit to ensuring biodiversity and natural balance

  • For every hectare of vineyard that we own, at least one hectare of native vegetation is retained

  • We adopt vineyard practices to encourage biodiversity

  • We establish and maintain insectariums on our vineyards to promote biodiversity.

  • We produce a yearly report card of biodiversity metrics.

We commit to promoting the use of drought tolerant vines

  • We demonstrate best practice through our R&D work – varieties/clones/ rootstocks

  • 60% of our vines are planted to drought resistant root stock – driving water efficiencies of 20%

  • We work with our growers and the broader industry to supply drought resistant vines

We commit to maintain Sustainable Winegrowing Australia certification of the highest level

  • Our vineyards and wineries are audited and certified

  • We have a continuous improvement program in place following on from our in-house Vitis program

  • We work with our growers to bring them on the journey to membership and eventual certification

The Next 5

Our group sustainability program

Here at Yalumba and Hill-Smith Family Vineyards, we have always adopted sustainable practices. Not because they are fashionable, nor because they are a mandated business requirement, but simply because it is the right thing to do.

This charter is our commitment to a sustainable future. In the next 5 years, we will embed 5 key pillars, to drive sustainability for the next 5 generations.

Viable Planet

Protecting the fundamental elements essential to life - land, air, water and energy, is paramount and something that we take very seriously across the entire business.

In a world with finite resources we commit to treading lightly. We will seek to preserve what we have, regenerate what we can, and minimize consumption of what can’t be replenished; and we will set an example for others through our people and our practices.

Surely we have a responsibility to leave for future generations a planet that is healthy and habitable by all species.

Sir David Attenborough

We will dial up the energy that we source from renewable resources

  • We seek to reduce total energy inputs – diesel, gas, power

  • We will continue to grow the production of power on our sites from solar sources

  • We will recover energy from waste products

We commit to reducing emissions – by our own actions and by working with others who share our promise

  • We commit to reducing harmful emissions inclusive of CO2, CFC, HFC, chemicals, noise

  • We will continue to reduce the weight and volume of shipments through lighter weight glass

  • We will engage our suppliers and partners to share our journey towards a viable planet

We commit to reducing waste

  • We commit to a comprehensive program of reducing consumption and recycling waste across all sites: cardboard, water, steel, aluminium. marc, pearlite, oak, office consumables, composting

  • We commit to the Australian Packaging Covenant target of 100% of packaging to be recyclable or compostable by 2025

Prosperous Community

Family and community has been the cornerstone of Yalumba since our beginnings in 1849. We believe that supporting our communities through sharing knowledge and resources is critical for prosperity.


We will share what we know through community and industry forums, and we will work with our communities – locally and globally – to create lasting benefits.

Alone we can do so little, together we can do so much

Helen Keller

We commit to supporting the communities in which we operate

  • We will continue to drive economic benefit in the regions in which we operate

  • We maintain a bias to purchase locally

  • We support local culture and sport to the benefit of the community

  • We delight in hosting community events

We will maintain a voice on industry forums

  • We will actively seek to engage in industry forums for the purpose of developing opportunities in the communities in which we operate

  • We will not shy away from challenges. We will share our body of knowledge and resources for the benefit of the industry

We will champion responsible drinking with a clear message of respect for the heritage, provenance and individuality of wine

  • We support initiatives that drive improved education and responsible consumption for the community and the industry

Responsible Governance

The Company’s financial expectations are clearly defined, and aligned with our aspiration to generate appropriate sustainable returns.


We aspire to strike the right balance between financial imperatives and maintaining a wine focused business with family values.

However beautiful the strategy, you should occasionally look at the results

Winston Churchill

We will maintain our systems and processes to the highest international standards with certifications in quality, safety, environmental and regulatory compliance

  • We will meet or exceed the requirements to maintain our current certifications

  • We will seek new, relevant certifications and/or endorsements to support our sustainability journey

We will work with our suppliers and partners to ensure quality and ethical outcomes at all stages of the value chain

  • We will engage with our suppliers to bring them on our sustainable journey

We will set and communicate clear financial targets by which we will measure our financial performance

  • The board – through the CEO and EBM annually set clear financial targets for the following year and over a three year horizon

  • We are committed to providing the necessary tools and reports to inform business decision making

Thriving Workforce

Our passion for wine, and also for business success, is not held by a few - it is a unified vision that drives the culture, performance and behaviours of our workforce.


We shall continue to focus on investing in employee development as a platform for future success: individual success, business success, and industry success. Our vision is to create leaders at all levels who infectiously spread their passion and knowledge for the business of wine.

One person cannot whistle a symphony

H.E. Luckock

We will maintain the highest level of safety and wellbeing for all of our people

  • We have an established and engaged operational & executive safety committee

  • We continue to develop and support policies that drive employee safety and wellbeing

We will provide a culture and environment that drives engagement with our people

  • We are committed to measure and report our gender equality metrics under the Workplace Gender Equality Act

  • We support our people through a range of programs and policies including our employee assistance program and flexible working arrangements

We will provide our workforce with opportunities for growth within our business

  • We provide a range of opportunities to our workforce to​​

    • support their personal development​

    • Induction programs

    • Wine education courses

    • Educational support

    • Leadership courses

    • Signature School

    • Succession planning

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