Drought Tolerant Vines

As part of our winemaking philosophy, we control what we can and let nature do the rest.

Choosing the right rootstock for the right conditions can assist in controlling the quality, quantity and ripening of the vines, as well as the amount of water required to produce quality grapes.

Since the mid-70’s our own Yalumba Nursery has been developing vines to meet market needs and environmental conditions. It was during the millennium drought of the early 2000’s that we observed vines on Ramsey rootstock making the most of the scant water available.

Through continual research and development we have embarked on a journey to propagate and supply drought resistant vines to meet the changing environmental conditions. At our Yalumba Nursery, we grow and supply vines not only to our own vineyards, but to customers around Australia.

Our own experience has demonstrated that these vines achieve a water savings of 20% with no impact to the yield. We’ll raise a glass to that!