Hectare for Hectare

Since the early 2000’s we have ensured a balance with nature. We are committed to preserving or planting a hectare of native vegetation for every hectare of vines that we own.

This is true from Heggies Vineyard in the Eden Valley, to the Dalrymple Vineyard in Tasmania. It also includes our Riverland vineyards at Oxford Landing, where in addition to retaining significant indigenous vegetation, we have planted over 400 hectares with trees and shrubs.

How many plants does it take to cover 400 hectares, you ask? Well, we can tell you – 215,222!

Achieving this mass planting was an undertaking in itself. We started with seven hectares in the first year, trialing different plants and techniques to determine the best results. Then, with sleeves rolled up and a bit if ingenuity through adapting our machinery, we embarked on the remaining 400 hectares over a few years. The results speak for themselves and the learnings have been adapted to other areas of our business.

Our commitment continues, and all we ask of you is that next time you come to visit you bring a shovel!