Waste Not, Want Not

Nothing goes to waste during a Yalumba vintage – certainly not the wine! Each of our outputs finds a second life either through our own actions or by working with our partners locally and globally. Some of the stems and leaves that are a waste product from crushing are collected by local primary producers and used for fodder. The rest is mulched and composted locally, and delivered back to vineyards to spread back under vines. The marc is processed locally by Tarac Technologies, who extract any remaining alcohol and produce other grape derived products such as natural colourings. Pearlite and lees from filters are also sent to Tarac for extracting Potassium Bitartrate (Cream of Tartar). Some outputs are sent as far as Italy for processing into natural Tartaric Acid - the only source is from grapes.

Waste wine and water are treated onsite and reused for irrigation of our own vineyards, and our old barrels are repurposed for storage or made into furniture.